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Lane County Soccer Referees Association (LCSRA), was formed in the late 1970’s to service the rising game of soccer in Eugene. As the years have gone by, LCSRA has grown and become one of the strongest associations in the state of Oregon. We are proud of who we are and take great strides to continue to be one of the best in the state. Game assignments are normally made through the Oregon Soccer Central (OSC) website.
Read through the information on our site. Hopefully, any questions you might have will be covered. If not, please do not hesitate to ask any current member or contact the commissioner (Jonathan Siegle, Email me!). Remember, we are a team, and must all work together on or off the playing field. We hope your refereeing experience will be positive and most of all FUN!!

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Most payments for LCSRA referees are processed by OSC. Go to OSC then click on My Info then Payment Preferences to sign up for direct deposit. The referee pay system for Oregon Soccer Central was updated in January 2021. Direct deposits now come from S-Pay, Inc. New W9 forms are required for everyone. See Announcements at OSC for more information.
Each league and event is different. Referees must submit game reports for most games before payment is processed. Go to OSC and click on My Info then Payment Preferences then List of Orgs then the league or event to get information on the Assignment Method and Referee Payments.
Here are some of the major leagues and events for Lane County:
LCSRA – High School, City League, Kidsports, Tournaments – Payments are processed once a month. Cutoff date is the 15th. Direct deposits normally arrive in 7 to 10 days. Fee of 8% is withheld from the game fee. Assignor is Jonathan Siegle.
TTL-Eugene – Payments are processed twice per month. Cutoff dates are the 15th and end of month. Direct deposits normally arrive in 7 to 10 days. Fee of 4% is withheld from the game fee. Assignor is Cindy Wilgus.
Other Tournaments – Direct deposits normally arrive in 7 to 10 days.
Go to OSC and click on Money to check payment history.
ETFC 3v3 – Checks are written on site at the tournament desk.
Kidsports – Kidsports schedules some games without going thru LCSRA. Adam Wilgus is the Director of Officials for Kidsports. Checks are written by Kidsports, Adam will notify refs by email, and the checks are available for pickup at their Civic Park office – 2054 Amazon Parkway.- 

Extending Your 2020 USSF Registration

The Oregon Referee Committee and US Soccer will extend your USSF registration into 2021. You should have received an email from ORC asking if you want to extend your registration to 12/31/2021? Referees need to complete several “assignments” then you will be cleared to begin officiating and you will receive a 2021 badge. Here is the process:
Go to – the US Soccer Digital Learning Center
If you do not have an account sign up. 
If you do have an account log in.
Click On Referee Program
Hover over Courses and a red box appears
Transfer down and click on Available Courses
Click on Supplemental Courses
See the list on left. Complete each requested assignment.
     Background Screening (aka Background Check)(cost is $30)
     Intro to Safety(aka Safe and Healthy Playing Environments)
     Law of the Game Update (aka LOTG Refresher and Quiz)