Lane County Soccer Referees Association

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Welcome to the Lane County Soccer Referee Association (LCSRA). By reading this you are taking the first step toward becoming a soccer referee (Official).   Soccer refereeing is a great way to help your community by supporting sports and athletics in your state. Its also a great way to earn extra money and get exercise all while making a critical and necessary contribution to the great game of soccer. Most referees will tell you that every game they work is interesting and they never stop learning.   LCSRA is the organization which trains, assigns and mentors referees for youth, high school, and adult soccer games. There is always a need for new referees. Through LCSRA you will receive training to grow as a referee and officiate increasingly challenging games as you gain experience.

Please take a moment to click on the “Contact LCSRA” and shoot us a email with a short message about yourself. We will send you information on how to join LCSRA.